A brief history of email

The following is a quick overview of the types of emails I’ve written over the past couple of years. Email is a big revenue driver, so it’s where I’ve spent the bulk of my writing time (as much as 60%). We send emails for campaigns, sales, new customer offers, winback initiatives, product launches, and more.

My job is to provide succinct, engaging copy that leads to both inspiration and — ultimately — conversion.

Here are some examples:

Setting the trends

This one requires a bit of a scroll. This is the final email in a monthlong series highlighting each of the trends we forecasted for Fall of 2017. This was a great way to group together a mix of existing styles into a format that still felt fresh for the customer.

This email series aligned with a comprehensive campaign that lived on site and across our paid and organic social channels, for which I also provided copy. I was instrumental in leading and executing both the brainstorm and the action plan that led to the overall concept and photoshoot.


Taking flight with new arrivals

Here are two of the emails we created to showcase a new collection, Atmosphere by Perspective (one of our in-house glasses brands). I named the collection and the frames, which helped guide the direction of the shoot.

These two emails highlight two approaches to product copy in email – one with shorter, pithier copy that sells the style, and the second with more context that helps build on the initial product by adding value and potential upgrades (such as mirrored sun lenses or digital protection).





Greeting new friends

This is the first email in our current new customer email series. The goal was to create copy that immediately proved the value of shopping with us to someone who had yet to place their first order. One of our biggest hurdles is helping people bridge the gap between physical and online retail with something as individual and personal as eyewear. We wanted to reinforce our value propositions first and foremost, but — of course — also incentivize them with an offer. I believe the combination of content & design works well to balance all of these talking points.


Winning them back

Here is a very short and sweet winback email iniativie to woo back lapsed customers. The big push was to reinforce that we’re more than just a price point and that we do offer service levels that go beyond much of the competition — along with a pun, naturally.


Raising the bar

Sometimes you just need to shout your sale when it comes to the Cyber rush. I worked with our design team to come up with a series of text-based neon signs, and my personal favourite was “Raise your glasses”. We kept this year’s cyber clean, cool, and straight-to-the-point.


Fixing petite mistakes

Even the best-laid plans can often go awry. We accidentally sent our English-language customers an email intended for Quebec. Here is a very quick-turn apology email that I wrote to send out as a follow-up to that error. We wound up getting a higher-than-average conversion on this email offer — a great example of turning a mistake into a win with the help of content:


Thank you for having a look!



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